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A glossary of watch terminology.


finishings: Polished - surface reflects light with mirror like brilliance.
Satin Finished - product is brushed to a smooth, elegant finish.

Sapphire Blasted - surface bombarded with microspheres of pulverized sapphire for a low-gloss effect.

function: Information given by a timepiece. For example, a watch with six functions indicates the hours, minutes, day of week, day of month and month.

flyback hand: A seconds hand on a chronograph that can be used to time laps or to determine finishing times for several competitors in a race. Start the chronograph, putting both the flyback hand and the regular chronograph seconds hand in motion. To record a lap time or finishing time, stop the flyback hand. After recording the time, push a button and the hand will "fly back" to catch up with the constantly moving elapsed-time hand. Repeat the process to record as many lap times or finishing times as needed.

gear train: The system of gears which transmits power from the mainspring to the escapement.

gold plated: A layer of gold electroplated to a base metal.

integrated bracelet: A watch bracelet that is incorporated into the design of the case.

jewels: Synthetic sapphires or rubies that act as bearings for gears in a mechanical watch. The jewels reduce friction to make the watch more accurate and longer lasting.


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