The company’s “Meisterstück” (Masterpiece) was introduced with a compressor filler in 1924, with a button filler in 1929, and finally with the more successful piston filler in 1934.

     Today, Montblanc pens are symbols of success in international business affairs. The famed white star emblem is present in boardrooms or seen peeking from breast pockets in executive suites around the world.

     Available in sizes and weights to suit any writer’s hand and style, the Classique and Le Grand series both feature the classic Montblanc design in ballpoint, roller-ball and fountain pen models with medium size 14 karat gold and platinum inlaid hand-crafted nibs, piston converter (to allow for optional use of ink cartridges) and heavy duty clip.

     Montblanc also offers writing instruments for truly special occasions. Limited Edition series include a design commemorating Leonard Bernstein with a musical staff inspired clip. The Nikolai I and Ramses II series feature vermeil fittings and pinstripe finishes of malachite and lapis lazuli, respectively. And the Solitaire collections offer exceptional writing instruments in Doue, Silver, Vermeil, Gold and Platinum lines. is proud to offer these well-known symbols of success. If you’d like assistance with your Montblanc selection, please email us at

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