For over 260 years, 13 generations of watchmakers have dedicated their skills and perfected their crafts in the precise and taxing arts of fine watchmaking in the workshops of Blancpain. From the beginning, Jehan-Jacaques Blancpain's only objective was to express the art of time and build pure masterpieces of timekeeping

     The watchmaker uses only one case shape, the round. The case's unadorned lines demand utter control on the part of the craftsmen to ensure absolute perfection in every detail. The results are classics among classics-serenely elegant designs housing a limited collection of horological masterpieces. Without regard for the whims and trends of fashion, the Blancpain creations of today are heirlooms and collectors items from the moment they leave the workbench.

     The watchmaker's piéce de résistance is the stunningly elegant, ultra-slim mechanical "1735" named for the year of the watchmaker's founding. An extraordinary achievement in watchmaking, it combines the six masterpiece movements of the watchmaker's art into the same watch. The famous Blancpain Trilogy watches consist of the Air Command, the GMT, and the Fifty Fathoms.

     The Air Command (the sky component) is a self winding, three-counter chronograph with date. The GMT (the earth component) is a dual time-zone watch intended for the world traveler. The Fifty Fathoms (the sea element) is one of the first watches to be water-resistant to a depth of 50 fathoms and was worn by Jacques Cousteau's divers in 1956.

     The Minute Repeater 2100 is the first sports minute repeater equipped with a water-resistant loading lever and strikes the hours, quarter-hours and minutes on demand with a variety of unique sounds and frequencies.

     Because is not an authorized dealer of Blancpain watches, Blancpain may not provide warranty service on your watch purchase. When you buy a Blancpain watch from, the Service Center will honor the terms of the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty and will furnish, absolutely free, an additional 2-year Extended Limited Warranty.

     There has never been a quartz Blancpain watch, and there never will be. Likewise, no Blancpain mechanical timepiece could ever be considered ordinary. If you'd like assistance with your selection of a Blancpain masterpiece, please email us at

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